The values in TISTA are primarily realizations / divestitures in NetNordic. TISTA has a capital under management in form of portfolio of ventures, stock exchange campanites and properties. Of the company’s total assets, a part shall always be cash reserves.


The ownership positions will vary. Main focus will be controlling positions in growth phase companies, and with a long-term ownership horizon. The target is an annual return on capital of 10% YoY.

Investment criteria

As an active owner, we look for global and national megatrends related to the company’s competitive edge. Either by having – or able to take – a leading position in a niche or geographic area. Or alternatively, the potential to be a leader in a given market, or also a central part of a market with other major industrial and global players. One or more strong products and a commercially oriented management and sales organization will be important.


Positions may be either direct or also in cooperation with Venture Company or Private Equities.

Investment Horizon

Passive positions are long-term. In active positions the horizons may vary, and are defined in collaboration with the Management and other owners. In special cases, Tista also take position in terms of seed / angels in companies with a unique and / or patented technology in a global market.